Art is so silent but more powerful than most words . It’s the only time I truly feel at peace.“……Amy Odell

Foreword by Alex Zwarenstein. R.A.S.

School of Visual Arts, N.Y.

The Art Students League, N.Y.
Amy Odell paints with confident economy, strong, decisive marks carve out compositions that are focused and spare. Allowing her imagination to roam free with paint in hand, Amy says “I always start with what colour feels right and what instrument feels right to hold.” As with her considerable body of music,(Amy is a songwriter and poet as well), she will trust the confidence of her practised eye and will yield her heart to the ‘moment’ to bring the painting home, as it were.

Some of Amy’s paintings embody elements of her political and social observations.. Her insights and empathy with the eternal verities of our human nature, “the madness of it all” as she has put it, are etched into paint with a sure hand and an intelligent humour. Her painted surfaces are lavish with paint that transform a moment of imagination into a tapestry of clean colour . Amy’s images are often scenic abstracts that occupy a space between the organic and geometric. Shapes and fields of colour portray landscape or seascape that are thickly worked and inlaid with intuitively drawn objects giving the impression of familiar worlds on the cusp of recognition: ” With the lovers series I painted over a 3 day period after Christmas, it just felt right to paint boats. The narrative of the story is of a past life relationship that is briefly revisited in this one; 2 boats representing 2 people briefly passing; the rolling sea being the impermanence of everything.”
Amy Odell has a creative future that will be as intriguing to watch unfold as it is eagerly awaited by her many fans.

“Nature is my teacher.” Amy Odell